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LPK3-1-25 Lightning Protection Kit


LPK3-1-25 Lightning Protection Kit

Storm Copper constantly searches for better ways to extend the benefits of lightning protection products to its customers. With this in mind we have created our new LP Starter Kit, based on Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) standards as well as customer input. The LP kit includes all you need to set up a basic lightning protection system for your home, and is packaged to pass on savings by reducing shipping costs of individual items.

Please note: Differences in local municipal codes and insurance company requirements should be determined before you install a lightning protection system for your home. To help you get started, Storm offers LPI's Installation and Design Guide at a special price. LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Starter Kit Includes:
  • (3) IP-331-BT 12 Blunt Tip Air Terminal (Lightning Rod)
  • (3) IP-60UB - Universal Mounting Base for Lightning Rod
  • (25) 2/0 Bare Stranded Copper Cable
  • (Pkg of 48) IP-121A-48 Copper Loop Fasteners
  • (1) GVN-SRC-CLAMP Universal Ground Rod Clamp
  • (1) GVN-6258S 5/8 x 8 Hot Dip Galvanized Ground Rod

  • LPK3-1-25$235.70
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