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Braided Grounding Straps with Solder Dipped Ends

Storm’s tinned copper-braid Gate Jumpers are flexible braided grounding straps intended to carry an electrostatic charge to ground. These workhorse gate or “fence” jumpers consist of tinned solid copper braid in a one-dimensional flex built to stand up to long term use.

Storm fuses the ends of each strap to improve durability and tensile strength with low-RoHS solder to prevent fraying.
Uses include:

• Electrical enclosures – where flexible connectors are needed to take charge to ground
• Electrical panel doors – or switchgear doors with inadequate connections in the hinges
• Security fences around substations and utilities
• Generators and transformers – for a continuous ground accommodating motion and vibration
• Power and utility boards
• Oil, gas and flammable liquid tanks – especially around lids, caps and spigots
• Other equipment used in static grounding

Please note Storm does not recommend Gate Jumpers for continuous current-carrying applications.

Small Quantities Not A Problem
3 Day Turn Around on Most Orders

Grounding Strap 0.50" x .075
Grounding Strap 0.70" x .080
Grounding Strap 0.50" x .075

Grounding Strap 0.70" x .080

Grounding Strap 1.62" x .080

Grounding Strap 1.75" x .093

Grounding Strap 1.25" x .125

Grounding Strap 1.50" x .125

Grounding Strap 1.62" x .125

Grounding Strap 2.00" x .125

Grounding Strap 2.50" x .125

Grounding Strap 2.75" x .150

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