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Selecting A Copper Back Splash

A copper back splash can be installed just like flashing on a roof, or you can cover a board with the copper sheet material and install that, as you choose. Generally, when copper sheet is used as a back splash it is not nailed or screwed to the wall. Instead, use an adhesive caulk that's compatible with metals. If you want to preserve the shiny look, use several thin coats of lacquer on the copper. This will help protect it from fingerprints and changing color. Leaving it natural will result in darkening and even some greening. This is a self-protective patina, which is valued by many because it adds character and depth to the metal. You may also clean it periodically with Twinkle (or some other copper cleaner/polisher). Keep in mind that copper is a softer metal which is subject to scratching and denting; again, this is a look that many people desire.

Copper sheet comes in a large range of thicknesses. The appropriate thickness for a back splash really depends on the application. The best advice we can give you is rather obvious. The thinner the material the easier it is to form around corners and cut with shears or saw. However, the thinner material dents and curls much easier. Also, thinner copper sheet won’t hide wall imperfections as well as thicker material.

As a rule of thumb, if the wall surface is smooth and/or you need to form the sheet around a corner .020 or .032 thickness sheet will work well as a back splash. If the wall is not smooth and you don’t need to form the material, .040 or .050 we make a very durable back splash.

One final point to consider is the weight of the sheet. The heavier the sheet the better ( or more of it ) the mounting adhesive must be. To determine the weight of copper sheet use this formula “thickness x width x length x .322”. As an example, copper sheet with the dimensions of .032” x 24” x 36” will weigh (.032 x 24 x 36 x .322) 8.9/lbs.

We hope this information was helpful and good luck with your project.

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